Ingredient sourcing is a critical step in our quality process. For us it starts with an intimate knowledge of ingredient origins and total traceability. Our highly experienced ingredient procurement team conducts routine inspections of growers, farms, ranches, fisheries, and suppliers.

Breeder’s Choice sources only the highest-quality raw materials; there are some suppliers who do not meet our standards and therefore do not qualify as suppliers. We always strive to source raw materials directly and never buy ingredients on the open market.

We proudly manufacture extruded dry dog and cat foods in small batches here in the USA*, in Irwindale, California.

Our plant has the unique ability to create our own dry raw material blends and fresh meat purees for custom formulations. These products can consist of meat first, grain-free, LID, and meal-based formulas.

*Made in the USA with domestic and foreign-sourced ingredients. Specific country of origin for ingredient sources can be evaluated on request.

Our Production Team

Our production team consists of many long-term manufacturing professionals, whose experience makes all the difference. Our process of continuous improvement ensures we have tenured team Extruder Operators, Mix Room Operators, Machine Operators, Packaging Operators and Quality Control Team involved in every production run.


We offer a variety of dry packaging options to fit your product needs. Our Thiele line handles bagged product ranging from 12lb to 50lb while our small bag Triangle line handles all sizes below 12 pounds.

We also offer a sample bag line that can produce promotional sizes of your dry product for distribution at trade shows, direct mailings, etc. The sizes range from 2 to 5 oz